Dr. Brian Rosenberg

B.D.S. (v.u.m.)

Mandec Tutors Dr. Brian Rosenberg

Brian qualified from Manchester Dental School in December 1985.

Over the last twenty six years, along with his Dental Partners, he's helped to build up a thriving multi-surgery practice in Stalybridge, situated to the east of Manchester.

As well as their patients having access to the full range of National Health Service treatments, they can all now be offered these relatively new and new innovative Direct FRC Restorations which are included in Brian's Hands-On courses.

Following his attendance at a post graduate course on FRC Restorations at Manchester University in 2003, Brian had two articles about Sticks Products and FRC techniques published in Dental Practice Magazine and has now carried out more than eight hundred specifically 'Direct' FRC Restorations using Stick Fibres.

He has attended two courses on this subject in Turku, Finland, the home of Stick Fibres, and another two on Direct composite build up techniques in Belgium.

In 2008, Brian started presenting lectures and hands-on courses on this subject in the U.K., which included a lecture at the National Conference of Dental Therapists.

In November of 2008 he was invited back to Manchester University to give a two hour post graduate presentation to around 110 colleagues.

Following the success of his 2008 lectures and courses, in December 2008 Brian was honoured to be invited back to Turku, Finland, this time to show a number of his own case studies to Finnish, Polish and Russian colleagues, as well as members of the Stick team.

In May 2009, he was invited to GC's headquarters in Tel Aviv to present a full day's lecture/hands-on course to twenty colleagues. This was repeated in August 2009 and Brian was invited back to Israel a third time to present a lecture at GC's 2009 National Conference to over 160 colleagues. Since this Brian has presented his lectures and hands-on courses to colleagues in Israel on many occasions, as well as a hands-on course at MANDEC.

Brian is married with three sons and his hobbies include English lowbow archery, American Numismatics, keeping fit with the help of his Irish Wheaten Terrier, making and looking after his growing collection of Japanese style bonsai trees. He is also the inventor of the patented "Staceylock" steering wheel.